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The Ultimate Defender 90 Experience

Defender 90: Timeless Legacy

2024 Defender - Profile View

The Land Rover Defender 90 at Ventura Defender Center stands out as a two-door SUV boasting genuine off-road prowess. Despite its two-door setup, it accommodates up to six individuals, thanks to the availability of an optional jump seat. Just like most Land Rover models, the 2024 Defender 90 comes equipped with standard four-wheel drive. Powering this SUV is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine generating 296 horsepower, and there's a selection of three engines to choose from, with the most robust being a 5.0-liter supercharged V8, delivering an impressive 518 hp. Come see the Defender 90 in person in Ventura, CA

Exterior Attributes

2024 Defender - Headlight

The Land Rover Defender 90 boasts a range of sophisticated features both inside and out. On the exterior, it sports a sleek body-colored roof, ensuring a seamless and stylish design. The LED headlights not only enhance visibility but also contribute to the vehicle's modern and refined aesthetic. The heated, electric power-fold door mirrors, equipped with approach lights and an auto-dimming feature on the driver's side, add a touch of convenience and luxury to the driving experience. With keyless entry, accessing the Defender 90 becomes effortless, reflecting a commitment to user-friendly and advanced technology. Multiple vehicles are immediately available at our Ventura Defender Centre.


Interior Characteristics

2024 Defender - Dash and Console

The interior of the Land Rover Defender 90 is meticulously crafted, combining both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Beyond its structural significance, this element adds a touch of modern sophistication to the overall cabin design, enhancing the visual ambiance.

Driving comfort is further elevated by the presence of an auto-dimming interior rear-view mirror. This smart feature automatically adjusts to varying light conditions, reducing glare and optimizing visibility for the driver, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable journey.

The center console in the Defender 90 is a well-designed focal point within the interior space. It not only serves as a functional hub for essential controls but also provides organized storage, contributing to a clutter-free and convenient driving experience. Whether housing technology interfaces or offering a resting place for personal items, the center console is a testament to thoughtful interior design.

Advanced Infotainment System

In the realm of infotainment, the Defender 90 raises the bar with a comprehensive system. The centerpiece is a 10-inch touchscreen, providing an intuitive and visually appealing interface for accessing various features. Pivi Pro, the advanced infotainment system, ensures seamless connectivity, navigation, and entertainment options, offering a modern and user-friendly experience.

Capability is not the sole forte of this Land Rover SUV. The Defender 90 offers various luxury features, including leather seating, an 11.4-inch touchscreen, and a 360-degree camera. Each 2024 Land Rover Defender 90 comes equipped with a Meridian sound system featuring 10 individual speakers, providing a perfect blend of classic vibes with a modern twist.

A Truly Versatile Utility Vehicle?

Absolutely. All versions boast a towing capacity of 3,500kg, with an immensely robust body shell and suspension system. While sharing principles with the Discovery, the Defender 90 incorporates mostly stronger components, ensuring durability and capability in every aspect.

Test Drive the Defender 90

2024 Defender - Driver View

Experience the extraordinary by scheduling a test drive of the Land Rover Defender 90 at the Land Rover Ventura Defender Centre. Immerse yourself in the capability, comfort, and cutting-edge features of this iconic SUV by reserving your test drive today. Visit our center at your earliest convenience and explore firsthand the exceptional driving experience it offers. Your adventure begins with a simple step – discover the unmatched excellence of the Land Rover Defender 90.

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