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Defender 130: Ready For Epic Adventure

The All New Defender 130

Sturdy yet Elegant

2024 Defender 130 - Front View

Undoubtedly, the Defender 130 exudes a higher level of sophistication compared to the Bronco or the Wrangler. This is immediately visible in person, which you can see today at the Ventura Defender Centre. This becomes evident in the Rover's poised on-road performance. We appreciate its authoritative driving stance, and the effortlessly responsive steering ensures a mostly trouble-free handling of this nearly three-ton vehicle.

The Defender 130's suspension dynamically responds to road conditions, continuously fine-tuning its grip through the ever-active Adaptive Dynamics. The outcome is a seamlessly enjoyable driving experience marked by smoothness and engagement.

Interior Appeal

2024 Defender 130 - Interior

The Defender boasts an industrial-inspired interior design that seamlessly complements its overall aesthetic. The exposed screw heads on the door panels, robust-looking materials, and the expansive dashboard storage shelf contribute to its distinctive charm. To truly appreciate the cabin's quality, one must experience the tactile satisfaction of the numerous soft surfaces. The monochromatic color scheme harmonizes with the Outbound's select paint choices: Fuji White, Eiger Grey, Santorini Black, or the optional Carpathian Grey. Irrespective of the chosen hue, the Defender 130 Outbound stands out with its vintage yet rugged allure.

Defender's Rigorous Global Testing

The Defender underwent exhaustive engineering and testing under extreme conditions worldwide, comprising over 73,000 trials spanning 2.4 million miles. From the challenging terrains of Big Red in Dubai to the rugged Moab trails in Nevada, and extending as far north as the Arctic Circle, the Defender demonstrated its resilience and adaptability.

Elevate Your Connectivity Experience with Pivi Pro

2024 Defender - Dashboard

Experience continuous connectivity with the acclaimed next-generation Pivi Pro16 infotainment system, showcasing an expansive 11.4-inch central touchscreen. Immerse yourself in intuitive control, putting command at your fingertips for an unparalleled user-friendly experience.

Distinctive Aesthetic

2024 Defender 130 - Side View

The unique profile of the Defender 130, characterized by solid shoulders and a tailgate with side opening, reinforces its unmistakable shape. The body-colored spare wheel cover further enhances the vehicle's cohesive and purposeful design.

The Defender vehicle boasts a raised hood, a meticulously sculpted grille, and intricate detailing. Streamlined surfaces contribute to the vehicle's contemporary and captivating proportions.

Test-Drive the Defender 130 today!

2024 Defender - Driver View
Embark on a thrilling adventure at the Ventura Defender Center and discover the unparalleled experience of test driving the Defender 130. Feel the power beneath the hood, experience the precision of its handling, and immerse yourself in the modern luxury of its interior. This exclusive opportunity promises to showcase the true value of the Defender 130, with its rugged yet refined design and cutting-edge features. Let the Ventura Defender Center be your gateway to a test drive that transcends the ordinary, providing firsthand insight into the extraordinary capabilities and unmatched allure of the Defender 130. Don't miss your chance to elevate your driving experience – schedule your test drive today and unlock the world of possibilities that await you with the Defender 130.

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